There was a time where all a brand needed to be was recognisable in order to thrive. However, that was before the internet took over the world and now a brand must be accompanied by trust in order to succeed. All it takes is for a potential customer to search your brand across the internet, see a reference they dislike and decide to create business elsewhere. So how do you build brand trust effectively online?

Provide Creative & Valuable Content

As the saying goes: content is king. Creating content that is effective is the first step in building brand trust, whether it is on social media, your website or merchandise. Using the correct terms and words is a huge part in gaining customers and building trust. Writing content that is going to have a positive impact on your business takes time as you need to conduct research to see what competitors are doing and what topics are the world currently exposing and talking about. Creating SEO friendly content that fills in the gaps proves you know what you want to achieve and what you want your customers and potential customers to read.

Remember the 80/20 rule? 80% of your content should be informative and helpful and 20% of your content should be adverting and promoting your product.

Engaging in 2 Way Communication

This is where your social media platforms are crucial; customers love nothing more than being recognised online by businesses. Social media is the modern way for companies to communicate effectively with customers and therefore build relationships. The best way to do this is to always have a solid and active presence on your social media platforms. A great example of this is Virgin Trains; if you haven’t heard the story of a young man who took to Twitter in order to finish what he started on his journey home, read it here.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Sometimes brands don’t ask customers to write reviews; the truth is if you have carried out work for a customer and they are happy with the finished result, they don’t mind leaving a kind review on your social media platforms! However, there is nothing worse than a brand who does not appreciate the fact that customers have taken time out of their day to write a review regarding a service they have been provided with. It’s simple, if a customer has left a review, reply, a quick “Thank You” shows that you care.

Consistency Is Key

Keeping your business consistent is key, whether it is brand logos and colours or your staff’s tone and personalities. If you currently have 4 different logos to represent your brand…STOP! You are creating a jumble of confusing representations of your business and customers will not appreciate it. Consistency is amazing for building brand recognition and trust, so make sure everything you do for your business is consistent.

Focus on Customer Relationships

Did you know that after building a relationship, customer spend grows alongside trust? Eventually, loyal customers spend 67% more than new ones. Incredible, right? The fact that customers who have a relationship with businesses spend an extensive amount more than new customers, but why you may ask? This is because businesses who take time to get to know their customers, put their needs and requirements before their own reap the benefits. If you aren’t focusing on customer relationships, maybe it is time to do so.

Need Some Advice

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